Slimming World- Day One

Good Evening Peeps!

This has been my first day back on Slimming World.

I have not re-joined as of yet as my usual group is on a Thursday evening, but I wanted to get started as soon as possible, to give myself the best possible chance!

This morning I set my alarm 15 minutes early as I usually sleep in until 5 minutes before we have to leave for work! I dragged myself out of bed and slumped down the stairs to my kitchen. I’d planned to have Mushrooms, Baked Beans and some Grapes (FREE). I fried off my mushrooms and popped them into a container. I can’t stand eating too early as I’m terrified I’ll waste away by lunch (LOL!) As I was frying I decided to also drink a pint of ice cold water- this sometimes keeps my hunger at bay for the journey to work!

As I usually get to work before 9am, I popped my beans and mushrooms in the microwave and got myself a coffee- as my HEA is usually cheese, I syn my milk (2syns) along with the teaspoon of sugar I have (1syn)

Breakfast- Syn Free & Speed + 3 Syns 🙂


I kept my grapes for around 10.30am, drank 3 glasses of water and I stayed full until my lunch break! Lunch was good, simple, nice and easy! I had Flamed grilled Chicken, Salad Leaves, Tomatoes and Cucumber (FREE) with a teaspoon of Pesto (2syns). Once again, I felt full and satisfied, however my tummy was full of butterflies- I don’t know if it was because my stomach has no idea what a salad leaf is or if it had gone into shock but it didn’t feel good, so I drank lots of water and prayed 5pm came quickly! To replace the horrific image of my upset belly- here is my chick chick salad!

Lunch- Free & Speed + 2 Syns


Now, if you are like me and have no will power what-so-ever, I would glaze over this next part! At 4.50pm someone in the office kindly remind me that Bake Off was back on telly tonight and Fat Jen reared her ugly fat head! ‘Bake Off? CAKE?’ and that was it, I pretty much threatened my husband with divorce if he didn’t stop off at M & S to get a small cake for us to share while watching. This is was all before I’d made my lovely Spaghetti Bolognese- which is completely Syn Free…unlike the cake (2 cakes and packs of Jaffa cakes) I’d bought home. If you fancy my recipe of Completely Syn Free Spag Bol- leave me a comment and I’ll create a post!

Dinner- Free & Speed + 30g HEA

I’ll admit I had 1/4 of the cake and 1/2 pack of Jaffa cakes..

It’s not big and it’s not clever. I feel pretty naff about my poor poor decisions, however, I didn’t eat the whole cake or the whole pack of biscuits. So I’ll give myself a teeny tiny pat on the back.

Wish me luck on Day 2!

Lots of Love

Jen 🙂 xxx

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