Let’s talk Slimming World…

Today is the day I get my brain in gear and start my Slimming World ‘Journey’ again..

When I think of the word journey, I imagine sitting the passenger seat of the car, windows down, breeze flowing glamourously through my hair, sun reflecting in my sunglasses, listening to an excellent journey song- like Savage Garden’s Affirmation or Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill. 

I can tell you now- this is not going to be my journey. My journey will be like the M25 on a Friday afternoon at 2pm where all hell breaks loose, nothing has moved in hours, it’s hot, sticky and you’ve needed the loo for hours! The guy in the car next to you is on a mission to get that stubborn booger and the girl next to you is screaming bloody murder at her poor boyfriend who didn’t put Justin Bieber on the radio! Joy! 

I have gained x amount of pounds this year and it needs to go away by my 30th Birthday in November, so off to Slimming World I go! I’ve tried it umpteen times before and have done well, well obviously not that well as I’m running back! 

I’ll post about my first day later on tonight and anyone who is an expert please let me know how I’m doing!  

Lots of Love

Jen 🙂 xxx

#slimmingworld #journey

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