And here we go…(if you’ve said that in Heath Ledger’s ‘The Joker’ voice, we’re going to get on just fine!

Hello. My name’s Jen and I’m about to take you on a magical carpet ride on my road to turning 30!

On November 29th, I will turn 30 years old. An adult, no longer a child, which means taking responsibility of my genuinely disastrous life! Apart from how to spell it, I have no idea how to adult and despite my parents resilience in trying to teach me the art of adulting, it may be a hobby I don’t pursue!

For a non-adult, I’m already married, renting and working full time in administration so on the surface I look like I’m bossing it!

I’m obviously delighted about turning thirty as you can probably tell however I feel like now is the best time to start a new mission in life called ‘Operation Skinny’ and ‘Operation Move-that-Ass’!

After getting married, to my wonderful husband Paul, I piled on the marriage pounds which needs to go by my birthday! And this is what this blog is about, I want to be able to write down and express my triumphs, set-backs and of course, my amazing hissy fits! So hold on tight- we’re in for a ride!!

Lots of Love,

Jen 🙂 xxx

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